What is the rollover line or 2nd line on the adapter?

A 2nd line rollover is not another telephone number. The VOIPo phone adapter that you receive has two phone line ports for you to utilize. By default, the 2nd port is a rollover of the first line port configured with the same phone number but just completely independent from line 1.

If an incoming call comes through, both phone line ports will pass the call through normally on your connected telephones and can be answered from either line. While the answered line is in use, another call can come through and line 2 will ring along with Call Waiting on line 1. So answering from either line is optional. On the other hand, if one of the lines (1 or 2) are busy, you will be able to pick up the alternate telephone that is not in use and make outbound calls as if it was a second line.

This is better than just having 2 phones connected to the same line.  The two lines in this case actually work independently from one another. If one is in use, the other can be used to make or receive calls.  

The rollover can only be used at the same location as the alternate line. It cannot be used at a different location.
Posted - Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 10:17 PM.
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