VOIPo Voicemail Options

 Below are the touch tone options for VOIPo Voicemail:

Mailbox Options:
Listen to Rec: 1

Save the Recording: 2

Delete the Recording: 7

Foward to Email: 4

Return the Call: 5

Forward the message: 8 (can only be forwarded to other VOIPo numbers)

End of Messages Options:
Listen to your messages: 1

Listen to saved messages: 2

Advanced Options: 5

Exit your mailbox: #

Advance Options:
Record a Greeting: 1 (can assign 9 different greetings to be used one at a time by choosing 1 - 9)

Choose a Greeting: 2 (choose a greeting between 1 - 9 previously recorded)

Record Your Name Only: 4

Change Your Mailbox Password: 6

Go back to Main Menu: *

Further questions regarding these options can be directed towards support@voipo.com.
Posted - Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 8:00 PM.
Online URL: https://voipo.com/help/article/voipo-voicemail-options-105.html

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