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Voicemail Controls

Once logged into the Voipo provided control panel (vPanel), there will be a tab labeled "Voicemail" in the top right. In here, you will be able to control a multitude of settings established with your Voicemail.

Select Mailbox:

In this section, you will be able to choose (if applicable) the different mailboxes assigned to your account (one mailbox for the main line and per Virtual Number if you choose to assign one). Each mailbox comes with it's own set of configurations that you have control over.

Mailbox Settings:

Allows you to control the functionality of your Voicemail.

Status- Disable or Enable your Voicemail at your convenience with this setting.

Password- Will let you set the password to access your mailbox. The password must be 4 characters and only accepts numerical keys.

Auto Login- When enabled, will allow you to access your mailbox without entering a password.

Number of Rings- You are allowed to control how many rings it takes to get to your Voipo Voicemail when receiving an incoming call.

Send E-Mail Notification To- Input a valid email address and a notification will be sent to you via email letting you know that you received a Voicemail.

Attach Message File- You can enable this setting and an audio (WAV) file will be attached to the e-mail sent to your email address set in Send E-Mail Notification.

Send SMS Notification To- Input a valid wireless phone SMS number and gateway (i.e. to receive a "text only" notification stating that you've received a voicemail.

To set a personalized greeting, visit our Record a Greeting article.
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