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VoIP Reseller Program by VOIPo

Cash in on the booming VoIP industry and start your own phone company overnight for just $24.95/Month. Sell home phone service, toll-free numbers, voicemail services, virtual numbers all under your own brand.

  • Wholesale Phone Numbers
  • Wholesale Minutes
  • Create Your Own Plans
  • No Contracts or Minimums
  • Branded Control Panel
  • Reseller Plan Cost


  • $24.95 / mo


  • $199.00 / yr

All Accounts Include The Following:

  • First VoIP Adapter Free
  • First 3 Phone Numbers Free
  • First 3 911 Activations Free
  • 1000 Free Minutes Per Month (US Incoming/Outgoing Calls)
  • $10 Usage Credit to Get You Started

*By using what's already included with your reseller account, you have the ability to setup your own personal services for free. As an example, you could setup your home phone service, a toll-free number, and fax number. After you've used the included items, the rates below apply:

  • US Phone Numbers
  • US Incoming Usage
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • Toll-Free Incoming Usage (US)
  • Toll-Free Incoming Usage (Canada)
  • Outgoing Usage to US/Canada
  • Outgoing to International Destinations
  • SIP Usage (Incoming or Outgoing)
  • E911 Service (Per Number)
  • Fax Service (Per Number)
  • Number Transfers

Wholesale Service Pricing

  • $1 / Month
  • $0.01 / Minute
  • $1 / Month
  • $0.025 / Minute
  • $0.06 / Minute
  • $0.01 / Minute
  • Click Here
  • $0.00
  • $1 / Month
  • FREE
  • FREE

Branded Control Panel

Sell services under your own brand. You can even add your company name and logo to the customer control panel.

How it Works?

Becoming a VoIP reseller is fast and easy. For only $24.95 per month, you'll be able to sell VoIP services on the VOIPo network. You'll also have access to vPanel, the proprietary VoIP control panel that VOIPo spent over $1 million and 3 years to develop.

Once you order your VoIP reseller account, you'll have a reseller control panel which will allow you to create and manage your accounts, view reports, control access to features and more.

Each one of your customers will also have their own control panel to manage their individual account. The customer control panel is fully brandable and can show your company name and logo in it. There's no additional charge for the branding.

You provide all billing and support for your customers. VOIPo is here to help you along the way, but we do not provide support for your users directly.

We Actually Care

It may sound crazy in this day and age, but we care about your experience with our VoIP service and appreciate your business. Really.

Billing Overview

With the VOIPo reseller program, you're able to start your own VoIP service without a large investment. There are no minimum commitments, no contracts, and no hidden fees.

How does the billing work?

The monthly reseller fee is charged to your credit card automatically each month on or around the anniversary of your monthly signup.

All wholesale services are entirely prepaid. You will need to deposit money into your VOIPo account using a credit card (minimum of $10 per deposit) and maintain a positive balance at all times. When you order phone numbers or other services, we will deduct the cost from your balance. As your customers make and receive calls, we will deduct the wholesale cost of the calls from your balance in real-time.

You are able to setup automatic deposits that are triggered when your balance reaches $1. If the balance goes negative, all phone numbers will immediately go to busy and all calls will fail until the account is replenished. If an account balance is negative for 7 or more days, the account will be closed and all numbers permanently disconnected.
You are able to set caps and limits on minutes for your customers so that they cannot exceed certain thresholds.

Example Scenario

$1 - Phone Number

$4.70 - Usage - (470 Minutes X $0.01)

$0.47 - USF ($4.70 X 9.9%)

$1 - E911


$7.17 Your Cost

Vonage is the market leader there and sells service for $25.95 per month. Since consumers are used to paying around $50 for landline service, $24.95 is an easy sell. Let's assume you charge $24.95 in this example:

$24.95 Revenue from Customer

-$7.17 Your Cost


$17.78 Monthly Profit

Can you make money?

Let's say that you want to offer a home phone service package.

Your cost for providing this service will vary depending on the number of minutes your customer uses. Some users will have virtually no usage and some will have higher usage. At VOIPo, the typical residential customer uses approximately 470 minutes per month. Let's assume that your customer has average usage and uses 470 minutes.

Again, your cost will vary depending on the number of minutes your customers use. Like many industries such as web hosting, providers make a profit by "overselling" knowing that most users will have average usage.

What You Can Sell

With a VOIP Reseller account from VOIPo, you'll be able create your own plans and set your own pricing. Since you just buy minutes and phone numbers from us, you can get creative and offer a variety of services. Here are some examples:

  • Home Phone Service
  • Business Phone Service
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Fax-to-E-Mail Service
  • Voicemail Only Numbers
  • Forwarding Numbers

There are three types of accounts that you can setup. Each account type has different functionality and a different client control panel.

Incoming Only Account - This account type is for forwarding only with no ability to make outgoing calls. Example Use: Toll-free number service where the number is forwarded to an existing cell phone number.

Since incoming only accounts forward to an external phone number, no equipment is required.

Full Service Account - This account type has incoming and outgoing call access and all calling features. Your customers can use a Softphone (software phone) or a VoIP Adapter with their account. Example Use: Residential Service

With a full service account, your customers can use a softphone (software phone on their computer) or a VoIP adapter (use with regular telephones) or an IP Phone. You may purchase any SIP hardware you'd like from any vendor you choose. If you'd like to purchase a VoIP ATA / Phone Adapter from VOIPo for a customer, the Grandstream HT701 is $30.00 or Grandstream HT702 is $40.00 + $5.00 shipping.

Fax Account - This account type is for receiving faxes. Your customer will be able to specify an e-mail address and when someone sends a fax to the fax number, it will be e-mailed to them as a PDF file. Example Use: Fax to E-Mail Service


Keep Your Clients Number If you have an existing phone number you want to keep, we can transfer it to VOIPo for you. Provide a New Number If you'd rather get a new number, we have over 500,000 new phone numbers available in over 7,000 areas. Preview our live number inventory below.

Ready To Start Reselling?

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions about our VoIP reseller program, please contact for assistance. Our normal call center agents are unable to answer questions about the reseller program during the pre-launch phase.