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How can I create an account?

You can create an account simply by logging into your Reseller Account and navigating as follows: Accounts -> Create Accounts.  You will first be required to select the type of account you are wanting to create, the options available will be a variation of a Full Account, Forwarding Account, or Fax Only Account.  With a Full Account you will be able to make and receive calls and also will receive SIP credentials so you can register a device on our network.  A Full Account is also the only account type that can be assigned to a device in our online hardware management section.  With a Forwarding account you simply will be able to forward any calls received on the phone number to an alternate destination.   With a Fax Only Account you are able to receive faxes on the specified phone number and forward the fax in a PDF document form to a specified email address.  If you are choosing a Local Number you will be required to select the State & City that best matches your requested area of service.  If you are choosing a Full Account you will be able to opt into or out of our E911 service however we recommend that you check with your local legislation to see whether or not this service is required.
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