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Basic Troubleshooting Guide

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, your router or internet gateway may need additional configuration:


-  No audio

Incoming calls not ringing

Dropped calls


Nearly all issues can be resolved with these steps:


1)  Assign a static IP to your VOIPo adapter in your router

2) Enable port forwarding and forward the following port ranges to the new static IP.  Make sure to forward the entire range of ports and not just the first and last port.


5004  –  65000 (UDP)


3)  If your router has a SIP ALG option we recommend disabling this.

4)  If you are using other VOIP devices on your network, please contact our support team so we can make sure the devices will not conflict and make appropriate configuration changes.


If you need any help with these, don't know what they are, or need any other assistance, please contact our support team.


We can walk you through troubleshooting and/or use a remote support tool to log into your router and likely make all necessary changes for you.

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