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What types of Internet connections will VOIPo work with?

VOIPo recommends the use of high speed and low latency networks to use our services with optimum quality.

Ultimately, the quality of your service with us relies on the quality of your Internet connection.

We recommend DSL or Cable Internet to connect to our service.

VOIPo service will not function properly over Satellite Internet because of the amount of delay added to the transmission and reception of packets.

In addition, quality may suffer using "3G", "4G", "LTE", or wireless line of sight technologies because of various reasons. These types of network technologies may share bandwidth between multiple users. As the network becomes more congested, the amount of latency increases.

Our device requires an Ethernet connection to connect to the Internet, using a wireless service with a USB modem will not work.

If you have questions regarding compatibility with your Internet service, please email for further assistance prior to ordering service.
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